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7.17.2020Saturday Evening Entertainment

The Main Stage The Saturday evening entertainment for Corvette Funfest 2020 is still currently in development and we will have updates available as soon as possible. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the music industry, resulting in numerous shows and tours being postponed or cancelled altogether. Because of this, many of the acts and performers we had been in discussion with earlier this year are having difficulty committing due to the uncertainty of their current schedules and state regulations. There will be live music for Saturday evening, but details are still being worked out at this time. Stay tuned for further updates!

7.17.2020Corvette Funfest Excursions

Corvette on an excursion Thursday is the day to get out and explore Effingham and the surrounding region, as we dedicate the entire day to Funfest Excursions! As with all things in 2020, plans are dependent on pandemic recommendations at the time of Corvette Funfest. Because of that, we are not charging anything on-site for your participation. We encourage you to line up at the 1910 Gas Station for directions to your destination; all purchases will be at your expense at the destination. Have fun experiencing what we love about Effingham and our communities! (Subject to changes due to pandemic closings.)

7.17.2020Fireside Chat at Tuscan Hills Winery

Tuscan Hills Winery Join Mike Yager, Paul Koerner, and other industry experts as they host an informal conversation about the Corvette. This first come, first served event will be at Tuscan Hills Winery Thursday, Sept. 17th and includes food trucks, great drinks, engaging company – the only thing we’re lacking is you! Preferred seating for Ultimate and VIP guests. (Subject to changes due to pandemic closings.)

7.17.2020Annual Corvette Funfest Light Show at Tuscan Hills Winery

Corvette Light Show Think Corvettes are just about horsepower and high speed? Think again! Don’t miss the annual light show, where these unassuming sports cars get the chance to really show off when the sun goes down. Cost $5.00 to participate and enter your car in the Corvette Funfest Light Show. This event is free to spectators. Arrive early to enjoy the Corvette Funfest Fireside Chat! (Subject to changes due to pandemic closings.)


Corvette exhaust install Looking forward to making a few upgrades, improvements or embelishments to your favorite Corvette? Contact Duane Huddleston at (217) 540-4222 or eventsales@mamotorworks.com to schedule an Install while you’re at Funfest.

7.16.2020Corvette Funfest 2020 Celebrates the Simpler Times

Vintage Funfest

We keep hearing people say they want to get back to “normal.” At Corvette Funfest 2020, we want to get better than normal! This year, we’re throwing it back to when it all began, mixing the tech and style of 2020 with the nostalgia and format of 1994. Just like the first year we welcomed the fans of America’s favorite sports car, Corvette Funfest will take place on the south side of our property. While we’re taking the pandemic into consideration and scaling back the event to accommodate state recommended guidelines, you’ll feel like you took a step back to the way car shows are supposed to be. As always, we’re still making plans daily, checking in with vendors and suppliers, keeping an eye on recommendations and making plans to ensure that this will be the one weekend of the year that you definitely won’t want to miss!