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Corvette Funfest 2018 25th Annual

2900 North 3rd StreetEffingham, IL62401

9.25.2017Thank You for Making Corvette Funfest 2017 Unforgettable!

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Opening Ceremonies on Saturday followed the trend of new additions, with the announcement of a new Funfest-type event in Nebraska next June. Mid America Motorworks is partnering with Harchelroad Motors to host an event at Motorsport Park Hastings that pairs the atmosphere of Corvette Funfest with High Performance Driver Education. Attendees to the Nebraska event will get two qualifying runs with a main run on the Sunday of the event.

Mike Yager received a special surprise at opening ceremony, as Corvette Clubs participated in a secret contest to “Look Like Mike.” Clubs sat in a special section, wearing red polo shirts and Mike’s signature straw hat, with print out copies of his face as a tribute and a thank you for his continued efforts within the Corvette hobby. Lookingglass Corvette Club had the most Mike Lookalikes, and each participant will receive a customized 2018 wall calendar as a prize.

Mike then noted that next year will be the 25th Anniversary of a little thing that began as a customer appreciation party and has grown into Corvette Funfest. In honor of that milestone, he announced to a surprised and happy crowd that registrations will be FREE for Standard and Club.

For guests who prefer premium services, Premium Registrations will be offered, making it only $25 to secure a prime parking space on the show field. Guests who wish to experience the  ultimate Corvette Funfest weekend with an all-inclusive feel can choose the Ultimate Registration  featuring the best parking on campus, drinks, meals and snacks, the 2018 event t-shirt and yearbook, a gift from the Yager’s and access to industry celebrities and VIPs for $250.00 per person.

Returning by popular demand, the Club Bartending Challenge gave Clubs the chance to raise funds for their chosen charities in the Funfest Cantina. This year Simply Corvettes raised the most tip money, which will be donated to victims of the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida. The combined efforts of the seven Corvette Clubs raised nearly $4,000 in charitable donations to a variety of worthy causes, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Wreath’s Across America, and more.

Clubs were further recognized on Saturday with a never-before-organized expert panel featuring Presidents from eight of the nine in North American organizations that emerged within the hobby to provide other clubs with a guiding body for everything from sanctioning events to restoration specifications, and even insurance. Corvette Funfest was honored to welcome the National Council of Corvette Clubs, International Council of Corvette Clubs, United Council of Corvette Clubs, Ohio Corvette Club Alliance, Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs – Eastern Region, Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs – Western Region, National Corvette Restorers Society and Solid Axle Corvette Club.

Other additions to the World’s Largest Corvette Party included daily excursions to give guests a glimpse of the communities surrounding Effingham. Those feeling adventurous visited Moonshine, Ill. for a moonburger, as well as the Firefly Grill, Heron Cove Restaurant-Lake Sara and StangArts for a variety of different activities. These were in addition to the automotive and education-themed seminars that Corvette Funfest attendees are accustomed to enjoying on the Funfest grounds.

The World Classic Rockers took the stage Saturday night, living up to and surpassing all the stories and legends of their maiden performance at Corvette Funfest in 2012. Band members ventured out into the crowd to play and sing, with both Mike and Kenny Yager playing guitar during the encore song, as well as the Yager family singing backup and dancing on stage.

Corvette Funfest 2018 is scheduled for Sept. 20-23 in Effingham, Ill. Keep watching www.corvettefunfest.com for highlights from this year and details on how you can register for the 25th annual Corvette Funfest.

9.22.2017And the Winner Is....

Corvette, Funfest, 50/50, Raffle, Winner Congrats to Jeff Mayhew on winning the 50/50 St. Jude Corvette Drive Raffle! St. Jude Children's Research Hospital must be near and dear to Jeff's heart because he promptly offered to donate the winnings back! The entire Mid America Motorworks team were blown away by Jeff Mayhew's generosity and thrilled to be able to make this donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!

50/50 Raffle tickets were sold for $1.00 each or six tickets for $5.00. The winner was announced on stage at the Funfest Amphitheater just before the World Classic Rockers Concert on Saturday night! We are excited about the success of the first ever 50/50 Raffle and looking forward to making next year's raffle even bigger!

9.21.2017First Annual Drag Races Sponsored by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering

Corvette, Funfest, Drag Strip, Drag Race, Thursday Corvette Enthusiasts had the track all to themselves, allowing drivers to race down the track as frequently as they wanted! Participants raved about how much fun they had, and said they couldn't wait to come back next year!

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering sponsored the event and the crew was on hand, offering an inexpensive clutch spring kit that helped improve performance, with easy on-site installation. As a leader in high-performance modifications, specialty engines and inductions systems, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering proved to be an invaluable resource for drivers at the Drag Strip.

After spending weekends on Drag Strip tracks for most of his live, Corvette Enthusiast Nathan Sheets was also on hand, explaining the basics to first-timers and offering friendly advice for seasoned racers.

You can expect that next years drag race will be bigger! You can preregister for the 2018 Funfest Drag Event today at www.mamotorworks.com - just click on Funfest Registration or by calling 800-500-1500!

9.21.2017Club Bartending Challenge Raises Nearly $4,000 for Charity

Corvette, Funfest, CLubs, Bartending, Challenge

Grab a drink (and tip somebody you know) during the Corvette Funfest Club Bartending Challenge! Corvette Funfest Guests packed the Funfest Cantina to support clubs and their designated charities during this year's Club Bartending Challenge. In 2017, Corvette Clubs raised nearly $4,000 for a variety of charities!

Corvette Clubs were given the opportunity to sign up for a one-hour time slot to sling beers in the Funfest Cantina as Celebrity Bartenders. Two representatives of the club went to work serving up drinks and our on the charm, as they competed to raise the most tip money they can, in the bragging-rights contest. Tips were calculated and posted on the Challenge Board at the end of each shift and all tips will be donated to charitable organizations designated by clubs.

The Results are in and we are thrilled to announce that participating Corvette Clubs raised $3,934! Find the official results below!

1. Simply Corvettes - $1,230 donated to the JJ Watts Foundation for Hurricane Relief

2. Corvette Club of Illinois - $1,044 donated to Beth's Place and the Eastern Illinois Food Bank

3. Lookingglass Corvette Club - $442 donated to St. Jude Corvette Drive

4. Glass City Corvette Club of Toledo - $336 donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation

5. The Original Corvette Club of St. Louis - $317 donated to the Officer Mike Flamion Foundation

6. Windy City Corvette Club - $285 donated to Spina Bifida of Illinois

7. (VBP) Vette Buddies that Party - $280 donated to Wreaths Across America

9.11.20171st Annual Corvette Funfest Light Show

Corvette, Funfest, Light Show WindRestrictor is proud to sponsor the First Annual Corvette Funfest Light Show at Corvette Funfest 2017! Join us on the Funfest Amphitheater Berm at 7:15pm, before the concert on Saturday night World Classic Rockers concert to check out this fun, new addition to the Corvette Funfest Schedule.

The Mid America Motorworks Team has been traveling to more Corvette Shows than even before this year and we have found a new trend; Corvette owners have been adding LED lighting to hood liners, side gills, wheels and more. Strobe lighting, TVs, and music synchronized with a lighting display are becoming more and more popular among Corvette owners and we are thrilled to share this new experience with you!

There is no cost to enter this competition. If you're interested in participating, please drive your Corvette onto the Funfest Amphitheater Berm, entering next to Gate 8. The Light show and judging will begin at 7:15pm, before the World Classic Rockers Concert. Following the show, participants will be required to turn off the lights and music and park their cars outside of the Amphitheater.

WindRestrictor will judge the 1st Annual Corvette Funfest Light Show and present the winning Corvette with this seriously cool plaque!

9.1.2017Corvette Funfest Achieves First in Corvette’s History

Corvette, Funfest, Clubs, Expert Panel, President, Seminar

The Corvette hobby is shaped by the people - and more specifically the clubs - that live and breathe Corvette. Over the years, as Corvette Clubs grew in membership and in numbers, a handful of flagship organizations developed to provide others with a guiding body for everything from sanctioning events to restoration specifications, and even insurance.

During planning for Corvette Funfest 2017, Mid America Motorworks’ Chief Cheerleader, Mike Yager made a realization regarding those ten umbrella organizations.

“It occurred to me that the Presidents of these governing organizations have never appeared together at any one show or event,” Mike said. “I imagined the knowledge they could share as representatives of more than 100,000 Corvette Club members from around the world. Of course, my next move was to start making phone calls and get them all to Corvette Funfest!”

The Corvette Funfest Expert Panel will welcome Dave Heinemann from National Council of Corvette Clubs; Billy Brooks from International Council of Corvette Clubs; Armetta Jones (aka AJ) from United Council of Corvette Clubs; Duff Parson and Royce Martin from Ohio Corvette Club Alliance; Dave Kaiser from Northwest Association of Corvette Clubs; Cindy Wilcox from Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs - Eastern Region; Keith Gutenberg from Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs - Western Region; Mike Ingham from National Corvette Restorers Society; and Max Brockhouse from Solid Axle Corvette Club.

For the first time in Corvette history, these giants within the hobby will converge to discuss everything from the basics of keeping Corvette Clubs in tip-top shape, to hosting Club events, to choosing a charity to support and no doubt sharing great anecdotal stories. This is a rare opportunity for Corvette Funfest attendees to hear first-hand how six decades of Corvette culture was created from the ground up.

Don't miss the 2017 Corvette Funfest Expert Panel on the Small Funfest Stage, Saturday at 11:00am.