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Corvette Funfest 2016 23rd Annual

2900 North 3rd Street Effingham, IL62401

Featured News

  • What is Corvette Funfest?

    What is Corvette Funfest?

    Corvette Funfest takes place every September at Mid America Motorworks’ Corporate Campus in Effingham, Ill. Four days of Corvette expert seminars, product displays, fashion shows, Corvette Clubs, headlining entertainment and more make this a must-attend event for every Corvette enthusiast!

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  • Thursday Night Fun Run

    Thursday Night Fun Run

    The Thursday Night Fun Run leaves Funfest Boulevard at 4:30 and takes Corvettes on a drive through scenic Effingham before hitting the local parade route into downtown Effingham. Read More

  • Friday Night Charity Event

    Friday Night Charity Event

    The evening includes a cocktail setting with entertainment, silent auction, hors d’oeuvres and great company. Read More

  • Saturday Night Concert

    Saturday Night Concert

    The Funfest Amphitheater Stage has been home to some of the biggest names in Rock & Roll. From The Beach Boys and REO Speedwagon, to Bachman & Turner, Eagles former lead guitarist Don Felder, World Classic Rockers and so many more.

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  • Fear Nothing, Corvette Funfest, Charity Event, Cancer Research

    Charity Event Raises Funds for Fear Nothing

    During this year’s Corvette Funfest, Mike and Laurie Yager welcomed Corvette enthusiasts and local community members to their home for a Luau-themed Charity Event. The annual Charity Event is open to the public, as well as the Corvette community, and this year raised funds for Fear Nothing, an Effingham area organization that fights the battle against cancer. Read More

  • Funfest Boulevard, Corvette Funfest

    Thank You!

    Thank you to everyone who joined us in Corvette Country! From George Barris and Linda Vaughn, expert installations, one-of-a-kind seminars and of course Corvettes, we hope you had as much fun as we did! Read More

  • Corvette Funfest, Funfest Grounds

    It's Almost Here!

    Corvette Funfest 2015 is only a few days away and we're getting ready to welcome thousands of Corvettes! Check out our online schedule to plan your weekend and we'll see you Thursday in Corvette Country!

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  • die cast Corvettes, Corvette Funfest

    World's Best Die-Cast Corvette Collection Coming to Funfest!

    John McNamara travels in what looks like an ordinary semi announcing a Die-Cast collection of America's Sports Car. What people don't realize is that the semi also serves as the showcase that features hundreds of miniature Corvettes. Walk through and marvel at his collection during Corvette Funfest 2015!

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  • Corvette Funfest Expert Panel

    Seminars at Corvette Funfest

    Corvette Funfest is home to an outstanding array of seminars! Presenters include former Corvette team members, parts and accessory experts, industry celebrities, Corvette Club members and more. Check out our Seminar schedule and start planning your visit! Read More

  • Celebrity Autographs Corvette Funfest

    New & Improved Celebrity Autographs

    Some of the most famous Corvette and automotive Celebrities will be signing autographs Friday and Saturday at Corvette Funfest. Bring your Corvette memorabilia and add to your autograph collection with the likes of Dave McLellan, Linda Vaughn, George Barris, the cast of Corvette Nation, Fred Gallasch, Dennis Pittsenbarger, and of course Mike Yager!

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